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GuardianLink’s Play-To-Earn NFT Marketplace Launching Soon — Here Are The Details


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The international, gaming-focused NFT marketplace by GuardianLink is bringing some exciting new NFTs that you should get in early on.


  • What Is GuardianLink
  • New NFT Drop On Jump.trade
  • The Bright Future For GuardianLink

What Is GuardianLink?



GuardianLink is a pioneer and innovator of NFT technologies with its roots embedded in the blockchain world since 2016. It features its signature “no-code” platform, allowing any creators to develop their own custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without any coding experience. 

Its marketplace allows anyone to create their own brand and exist within a decentralized architecture. It features open and transparent design and ethics, allowing creators to publish NFTs across multiple marketplaces instantly. GuardianLink’s wallet integration allows collectors and fans to bid on or purchase NFTs using their own choice of trusted wallets. With custom templates and complete smart contracts management, creators can publish, preview, mint, and manage NFTs with an easy-to-use interface for a seamless NFT experience. Its auction framework is multi-threaded and decentralized, enabling it to scale for millions of users.

GuardianLink boasts an impressive team, with founders that have worked in large Web3 projects and Web2 projects such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. 

New NFT Drop On Jump.trade

Its featured gaming-focused NFT marketplace, Jump.trade, just dropped a fresh take on play-to-earn (P2E) gaming — through the multinational sport of Cricket.

Meta Cricket League

Dubbed “Meta Cricket League,” this innovative P2E mobile game is dropping a fresh line of NFTs on April 22nd, just six days from now.

Cricket is perhaps the biggest game in the Indian subcontinent, global fan following, fantasy leagues, and top tournaments. Meta Cricket League marks one of the first integrations of the popular sport with the NFT landscape, bringing a new level of excitement for fans of the sport.

With the NFT drop comes some exciting opportunities — most notable is the Super Loot Box, which secures metaverse cricket team players NFTs with an additional chance of receiving authenticated signed digital NFTs of Cricket legends, like rare cricket bats with better scoring power in the game, for example.

Additionally, every five NFTs purchased grants players a Treasure Box, which comes with awesome NFT rewards:

Treasure Box Rewards

One of the most commonly requested features of NFTs is utility. So here’s what can you actually do with these NFTs:

  • Monetize their gameplay and unlock incentives as well as real world utility for their digital assets
  • Collect playable authenticated and signed collectibles of legends
  • Upgrade NFTs to improve in-game performance and increase value appreciation on the marketplace
  • Ability to lease out their NFTs to other players, enabling them to earn rent and also contribute to the community
  • Ownership over the assets, making the player a stakeholder in the ecosystem.
  • Players will also be able to purchase real-estate in the metaverse in future, in the form of stadiums — players can earn from renting their real-estate space to other players and even brands.

The GuardianLink team understands long-term value creation for NFT holders, so it’s also launching a one-of-a-kind cross-utility function and yield generation opportunity for BigB Punk holders.

The royalty amount distributed will vary depending on the rarity of the BigB Punk NFT. 

  • Ultra-Legendary BigB Punk NFTs will receive 50% of the royalty amount
  • Legendary BigB Punk NFTs will receive 30% of the royalty amount
  • Other BigB Punk NFTs will receive 20% of the royalty amount

Following an application process, randomly selected BigB Punk NFTs will be attached as “invisible properties” to Meta Cricket League players’ NFTs. This way, every time the Meta Cricket League players’ NFTs get traded on the Jump.trade marketplace, the attached BigB Punk NFT holders will receive royalties.

The Bright Future For GuardianLink

This is all coming in the near future for GuardianLink, but the roadmap doesn’t end there. Check out the team’s roadmap here to see what exciting features GuardianLink brings.

Click the link above to get the full picture of the GuardianLink roadmap, but here’s just a sneak peek of what to expect in the second half of the year:

GuardianLink roadmap

Be sure to sign up on the waitlist here and create your wallet to load funds for the big NFT drop before April 22nd. 

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