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Here’s What We Know About LooksRare NFT Marketplace


With NFT sales volume on pace for a record in 2022, LooksRare is making a big splash with collectors, traders, and sellers of NFTs. Today we dive into the hot new NFT marketplace and their free airdrop.


  • What is LooksRare?
  • LooksRare NFT marketplace
  • $LOOKS Airdrop & Staking
  • $LOOKS Rewards

What is LooksRare?

LooksRareLooksRare NFT marketplace is an NFT marketplace that launched earlier this week. As NFT collectors and creators continue to look for another alternative to OpenSea, LooksRare has made a great first impression.

LooksRare is going with a community-first marketplace that actively rewards traders, collectors, and creators. Co-Founders Zodd and Guts wanted to create a marketplace that empowers and gives back to its users and creators. They are going to be actively taking the communities suggestions and feedback to build LooksRare’s future.

The marketplace indexes all NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. All collections on ETH and OpenSea can instantly be sold and traded on LooksRare. They have an aggressively low standard fee on NFT trades at only 2%. The best part, though, is those go directly to $LOOKS stakers.

$LOOKS Airdrop & Staking

$LOOKS is LooksRare’s native token. It’s how collectors and creators are rewarded on the LooksRare site. As mentioned, 100% of all trading fees are earned by $LOOKS stakers.

To kick off the website and build traction, they are doing a $LOOKS airdrop to qualifying wallets. If you traded 3ETH or more between 6/21/21 and 12/16/21, you’re eligible for an airdrop of $LOOKS tokens. Depending on the amount of ETH spent, they have different tiers of tokens you’re eligible for.

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To check if you qualify, you can follow the link here.

Below are the steps on how to check if you qualify for the airdrop:

1., Connect Wallet

2., Click the check button in the green banner to check eligibility 

3., If eligible, list any NFT for sale

4., Once listed, click the claim token in the banner and confirm

Be sure to check sooner than later, as the window for this free airdrop is only 7-10 days.

Staking is an option for your $LOOKS. The rates are aggressive. At the time of publishing, $LOOKS is trading at $4 a token. According to their site, their combined stake APY for $LOOKS is currently 866.34%!

$LOOKS Rewards

If their aggressive staking rewards weren’t enough, they have made their platform to truly reward those creating and collecting on their site. When you buy or sell NFTs from eligible collections, you earn $LOOKS. You can check the eligible rewards via the collection page.

Once a collection has 1K in trading volume on LooksRare (excluding private sales), users who buy or sell NFT from that collection will earn $LOOKS tokens as trading rewards.

With a great community first approach and only two days from the site launch, LooksRare LooksGreat.

Be sure to keep up on their latest news and notes via their Discord and Twitter.

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