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The Neighbours: Metaverse NFT That Pays You


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Please keep in mind anything in crypto is inherently risky, so please do your own research before investing. The following is not a recommendation. It’s just a summary of the project. This is not financial advice.

The Neighbours NFT lets you own virtual Real-Estate in their Metaverse, which earn you daily rewards with $NEIBR on AVAX. Today we dive into their new world and what it has to offer.


  • What is Neighbours NFT?
  • Where & How to Buy?

What is Neighbours NFT?Image

The Neighbours ($NEIBR) NFT is a Metaverse game built on its own DeFi protocol. Within The Neighbours Metaverse, players/holders will purchase and own virtual real estate, which can earn them daily passive rewards. Your daily passive rewards will be rewarded in $NEIBR, which has a total supply of 1,022,000. You can read more about $NEIBR tokenomics here.

Unlike real world items and properties, every single asset within the NEIBR ecosystem can be bought, sold, or traded through the NFT Market. Property owners will also be able to contribute and grow the platform’s ecosystem.

There are three NEIBR NFT properties available: Condo, Family House & Mansion. Below is a breakdown of each property’s earnings.

  1. Condo: 4 $NEIBR Earning 0.03 $NEIBR/ day — 0.04 $NEIBR/ day (with Home decor NFT BOOST)
  2. Family Home: 7 $NEIBR Earning 0.06 $NEIBR/ day — 0.08 $NEIBR/ day (with Home decor NFT BOOST)
  3. Mansion: 10 $NEIBR Earning 0.1 $NEIBR/ day — 0.13 $NEIBR/ day (with Home decor NFT BOOST)

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As a property owner of virtual real estate, you will take care of your property and even furnish it to increase its value and appeal within The Neighbours’ ecosystem. You will be able to display your unique/rare NFT furniture and get exclusive access to more features beyond additional rewards. As your Neighborhood grows, so will you and your access to different services, including shops, banks, events, and much more.

Where & How to Buy?

If you are looking to buy NEIBR properties, you can head over to their official The Neighbours website and continue to their “Property” tab. Here you will connect your wallet and choose what property you would like to purchase. This is the first of many other items coming to their ecosystem. The Storage and Market are coming soon as well. You can visit each of those pages to sign up for updates and news via email.

Lastly, the team announced their new “The Neighbours Gold Standard Program“, a must-read for anyone that is interested or already a part of the community. Use this link to their latest Medium article, to receive the latest news on this new Golden program!

The Neighbours Twitter
The Neighbours Discord

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