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Three Of The Hottest Play-To-Earn NFT Games Right Now


Play-2-Earn games are popular among NFT collectors, as many look for passive income from their NFT investment. Today we dive into some popular play-to-earn NFTs so far for 2022.


  • Axie Infinity
  • NEO Tokyo
  • Wolf Games

There are many type of play-2-earn NFTs available, especially at the beginning of 2022. Today we break down three different types and how they differ from one another.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is not new in 2022, but any mention of a play-to-earn should alwaysWhat is Axie Infinity, and what's behind its price surge? — Quartz include Axie. Their Pokémon style battle blockchain game and adventure mode has been very popular among its players/hodlers for good reason.

Each Axie holds different strengths and weaknesses depending on its unique genes. With billions of possibilities, you use each Axie and its strengths to build a team ready for battle.

When it comes to all-time NFT sales volume, they have the next NFT project doubled. Axie Infinity has had 3.8 billion in total sales volume (all time) and you may of heard who second is, CryptoPunks.

With CryptoPunks all-time sales volume at 1.8 billion, that sits over half that of Axie Infinity’s. These numbers provided via CryptoSlam, really put into perspective how much coin is flowing into this p2e game.

Even with overall volume down over the past 30 days, they still are in the top 5. It shows how strong the Axie community and their gameplay is. Their AXS coin has cooled off as of late, but is still ranked #35 coin in market cap and holding a price of $73 a time of this publishing.

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NEO Tokyo

Neo Tokyo #RED key | Foundation

NEO Tokyo is a new type play-to-earn NFT with much recent success and a bit of a secret to outsiders and non-holders, but that has been by design. Famous YouTuber Alex Becker released this Ethereum blockchain-based NFT back in October 2021, with the help of developer EllioTrades.

From the start, it was a game of riddles to even have the opportunity to mint. Even gaining access to their Discord was hard enough. This concept worked and built up quite a bit of steam among their YT following and the NFT community.

Fast forward less than three months and their NEO Tokyo Identities NFT have a current floor of 29.6 ETH and total volume traded of 13.6k ETH.

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There are 4 NFTs available within their collection on OpenSea:

  1. Neo Tokyo Identities (29.6 ETH Floor): These are the NFTs for the identity of your in-game character. Each one holds different traits.
  2. Neo Tokyo Outlier Identities (9.75 ETH Floor): Similar to the above, but an outlier. That’s sometimes all the info you can get when they keep things as quiet as they do.
  3. Neo Tokyo Vault Cards (7 ETH Floor): Neo Tokyo Vault Cards is your bank account. It includes a credit rating.
  4. Neo Tokyo Item Caches (2.8 ETH Floor): Clothing, automobiles, helms, as well as weapons, can all be found in Neo Tokyo Item Caches.

Doing some quick math, that is 49 ETH for a complete set!

Registration opens this week for the upcoming and much anticipated NEO Meta Tournament. With 450K in prizes up and their latest partnership with Twitch, be sure to tune in on and see how this game plays out!

Wolf Game

Wolf Game is a risk protocol for NFTs, with novel tokenomics. Their game shows what is possible between ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocol, within their game you can steal other NFTs. With its new NFT mechanics, fully decentralized, no roadmap, their NFT is very community-driven.

On their quaint farm in the Metaverse, the sheep produce $WOOL for their farmers. TheWolf Game (@wolfdotgame) / Twitter more $WOOL you obtain, the more sheep the farmers can purchase.

However, there are wolves hunting these hard-working sheep and their hard-earned $WOOL. The farmers saw this issue and came to an agreement with the wolves- they will pay the wolves tax on their $WOOL production from their sheeps.

The sheep still need to be careful, if they plan to leave the safety of the barn. When they are out of the farmer’s protection, they are vulnerable to the wolves that are on the prowl.

The game’s eco-system is based on their in-game currency $WOOL. Although it has a Oregon Trail-type vibe, there is most certainly coin to be made here.

There must be something to this $WOOL, at the time of publishing the Wolfs for this game have a floor price of 7.45 ETH, via their OpenSea.

Let us know your favorite Play-to-Earn NFT games in a comment below!

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