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Top Five Crypto Beefs Of 2021


If you’ve spent any time in crypto, you’ll know that the space has its fair share of beefs. And, 2021 was definitely a banner year for crypto drama. 

If there is one thing that was kind of nice about the infrastructure bill fiasco is that it brought the crypto world together in that “alien invasion” kind of way. Thanks to the “Powers That Be’s” attempt to wipe out the entire industry, the cryptosphere had to coalesce around a common enemy. Meaning, the space’s various pointless sectarian conflicts — of which there are many — had to be put on pause.

It was nice to see everyone on the same page for once. However, ’twas merely a rare — and brief — “ceasefire.”

Pick any time in crypto’s history, and you’ll find that it’s civil war all the time. Meaning, as long as aliens aren’t invading, there will be bloodshed among the faithful.

The following are the top five crypto beefs of 2021.

Peter McCormack v. Elon Musk

After Elon Musk sent the market into a tailspin thanks to his infamous Bitcoin eco FUD tweet, Bitcoin maxi Peter McCormack had to chime in.

For whatever reason, Bitcoin maxis think their powers of persuasion can work on the likes of Musk. The Tesla CEO cum memelord responded in the most Alon way imaginable. blank

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Charles Hoskinson v. ICP

Charles Hoskinson could honestly get his own list. In a space full of pocket protectors, the founder of Cardano is the cryptosphere’s defacto pugilist. He famously accepted a YouTuber’s challenge to fight, despite having gout at such a young age.

The one particular choice I made for this list was Hoskinson’s spat with Dominic Williams, founder of Internet Computer Protocol. For whatever reason, Williams thought it prudent to take some unprovoked shots at Cardano. Perhaps he thought the smart contract protocol was an easy target. They are, after all, much maligned.

The thing is, for as many haters as Cardano does have, it may have just as many, if not more, lovers. Whereas, ICP is the kind of protocol only a mother could love.

Michael Saylor v. Michael Burry

“The Battle Of The Michaels,” as it was dubbed. No actually, just made that up.

This story hardly made a blip, and rightfully so. Who cares why Michael Burry blocked Saylor on Twitter? Still, that didn’t stop me from writing about it. Obvs.

Unfortunately, this crypto beef was pretty onesided because of the block. But nonetheless hilarious to think that the man who foresaw the 2008 financial crisis is petty enough to block a Bitcoin cheerleader.

For what its worth, shortly after Michael Burry softened his stance on crypto, and even proclaimed he never shorted crypto. Despite posting on Twitter asking about how to short a cryptocurrency — “just asking for friend. ”

Elon Musk v. Elizabeth Warren

This one is barely a crypto feud. Actually it’s not at all. But for whatever reason, it was covered like one. Even some of the more reputable crypto outlets weighed in on the Twitter spat. And I can’t blame them, considering gems like this.

Peter Schiff v. Spencer Schiff

I wrote about this bit of crypto drama in the kind of detail it definitely didn’t deserve. At least at first blush. Because, who cares about what either Schiff has to say about anything, whatsoever. Even if it’s positive, and about Bitcoin like Spencer Schiff’s Twitter thread.

But, I’ll admit this begrudgingly, Peter Schiff is an entertaining figure. Sure, he’s never right, let alone cogent. However, there’s something subconsciously narratable about him in the same way wrestling heels are — Peter Schiff is basically the Roddy Piper of Crypto.

Not to mention, if you consider the Shakespearean elements (father v. son with the fate of finance in their hands) the ongoing Schiff v. Schiff Bitcoin debate is actually more than worthy of its word count.

Bitboy v. Anthony Pompliano

I’m not gonna go into much detail about this one because the entire debate between the rival ‘tubers can be summed up in this South Park clip.

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John Kaczur
Writer and editor, based out of Toronto. More excited about Web3's future than its present. Proud Koala foster co-parent.


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