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What Are CryptoMories?


With the new year comes new NFT projects. Today we dive into CryptoMories.


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What Are CryptoMories?

CryptoMories is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the ETH blockchain. Their unique name comes from the LatinCryptoMories #7050-CryptoMories | OKEx “memento mori,” which translates to “remember you die.” A bold, if not macabre, statement. Though, that does depend on how you take it. In the case of CryptoMories, the message seems to be a reminder to live your life to the fullest.

CryptoMories are part of a larger ecosystem called iwwon project. The iwwon project’s roadmap reveals their plan to develop it into an NFT metaverse game. This is great for the long-term growth of this NFT project since you will be able to use your CryptoMories in the metaverse. To learn more about iwwon project, join their Discord here.

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The creators said that the iwwon roadmap will evolve over time because they plan to bring in input from the community. More information about their roadmap and any changes to it will be revealed as updates occur. The project likes to keep up the element of surprise, and this plan certainly sticks to that!

Although CryptoMories doesn’t have a roadmap of its own, it does have plans for the future. Currently, there’s CryptoMories merch available for purchase. And soon, there will be 3D avatars — which are needed to play in the metaverse game.


In addition to being the name of the iwwon project, iwwon is also the name of the artist behind it. Having worked together for 20 years, iwwon collaborated with animator/artist Zelroug to create CryptoMories. Both have had their work displayed everywhere, from New York to Paris throughout that time. Aside from CryptoMories, iwwon has also created Los Samos — which holds a floor of 1.7 ETH.

The other team member is Bignenet, who is the team dev. Bignenet has 30 years of experience coding and created a video game company. For the past four years, iwwon and Bignenet have been working on their “crazy galactical game.”

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Price & How To Buy

Though the initial mints and raffles have sold out on their website, you can still shop for CryptoMories on the secondary market. Currently, CryptoMories holds a 0.7 ETH floor and has traded 6K in ETH. You can view ones available for sale here on their OpenSea page.

Cryptomories #6322 - CryptoMories | OpenSeaIn the last couple of days, there’s been an influx in sales volume. On January 1st, there was a total of 762 sales on OpenSea. FOMO and the NFT market rebounding have helped the CryptoMories keep up their momentum.

Be sure to check out CryptoMories and stay updated on their surprising news by joining their Discord.

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