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What Are Doodles?


One of the most sought-after blue chip NFTs available is Doodles. Today, we dive into exactly what Doodles are. 


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What Are Doodles?


We are always stressing how important community is when it comes to NFTs – because it is! It’s no secret how things tend to dip once the hype and FOMO of a new project slows down. But what keeps up the momentum and helps NFT projects continue building towards future success are the communities. Noting this, Doodles creators decided to create an NFT based strictly on the community and their input.

Evan Keast, also known as “Tulip,” is their Product Marketer and NFT Consultant. He came from Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties, so he boasts quite the résumé. The creator, illustrator and designer of these NFTs is Burnt Toast (the working alias for Scott Martin). Burnt Toast has previously worked with clients including Snapchat and Google.

Doodles went on sale October 17th for a mint price of 0.123 ETH. They sold out within the first hour. Built on Ethereum, the collection features 10,000 unique Doodles.

These cute cartoon NFTs are done in a style reminiscent of Adventure Time. You can find them in an array of bright candy colors, with either a solid or gradient background in the same color-scheme. Each one has a random combination of features, including hair, clothing, eyes, accessories, and more.

CEO of OpenSea, Devin Finzer, even decided to get in on the fun and purchased a BIG VIBES Doodle.

Along with having an awesome PFP, owning a Doodle allows you to participate in coordinating the Doodles Community Treasure. The Treasury was funded with 420 ETH, obtained from the sales of the initial mint. Each holder is given the ability to vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns that benefit Doodles.

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Price & How to Buy?

If you are looking to add a Doodle to your NFT portfolio, you’ll have to do it on the secondary market. You can find them on their official OpenSea page here.

blankCurrently, they hold an impressive 2.3 ETH floor. Possibly even more impressive is that they’ve done this with 5300 unique holders and 27.7K ETH in total volume.

Also, a glance through OpenSea shows that the BAYC community have been some of the more aggressive collectors of Doodles. This is great news for the Doodles community because any project that BAYC members have taken an interest in is worth looking into.

Latest News

Doodles is wasting no time adding to its fast-growing NFT project. Last week, they announced the addition of Animation/Creative Director Alfie Motion. The 25-year-old is a Motion Designer who specializes in 2D character animation.

Though he’d been working on the team in the past, the official announcement can only mean they wanted to make his position permanent. Which, more likely than not, means they will be taking these PFP to a new level with some cool animated features.

Below is a sneak peek at what the animated Doodles may look like in the future. Be sure to join their Discord and follow them on Twitter to keep up with all their latest news and updates.


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