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What Is EcchiCoin NFT?


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  • What is EcchiCoin NFT?
  • Token
  • Isekai Island Anime Series
  • Isekai Battle Game (P2E)

What is EcchiCoin NFT?

EcchiCoin is an Anime fantasy-powered NFT that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).Image EcchiCoin already has its own token and NFT marketplace, with a lot more coming in the near future.

What makes EcchiCoin unique is how they’ve married anime with an NFT – combining the best of both. And, did we mention there’s going to be a game and anime series, too?

Currently, there are four tiers for the community: Peasant, Squire, Knight and Grand Wizard. These tiers are based on how many EcchiCoin NFTs you hodl in your wallet. At the highest tier, Grand Wizard, you will need to hold more than 250 EcchiCoins.

These NFT anime characters will be used in the EcchiCoin game, Isekai Battle Game, and also in their own animated series. Funding for both will be collected through their very enthusiastic and inspired community.


EcchiCoin ($ECCHI) is the native token for this community. They are using a unique solution called Automatic Liquid Pool (LP) BUSD Pairing. For a full breakdown and explanation on their LP, click the link here.

Along with their LP, they will have other deflationary policies for their $ECCHI coin. Manual Burns and Anti-Dumping will be two ways the team plans to execute this. In addition, they put in place Anti-Whaling protocols and rewards for their holders. Not to mention, an additional Anti-Whaling feature prevents holders from owning more than 5% of the circulating supply.

Isekai Island Anime Series

Once the funding goal is reached, the team will complete their fantasy-themed Anime Series. They have already began writing their screenplays for the season which will be 10, 30-minute long episodes.

Their talented composer Raj Ramayya, is working away on the original music for the project. The team is also in contact with some of the biggest stard in all of Anime to voice over their lead characters, including Cherami Leigh.

Isekai Battle Game

Their play-to-earn game is coming soon and below is a little teaser of what to expect. You will be able to build up your army by purchasing EcchiCoin NFTs. Then you will be able to take your NFT to the battlegrounds and defend your castle or battle against mythical creatures of the Isekai Island.

For a full breakdown of their rewards in winnable games, click here.

With lots on the horizon for EcchiCoin, make sure to follow them on Twitter and join their Discord.



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