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What Is My Pet Hooligan?


NFTs are evolving fast. The latest trend is 3D characters that are Meta ready. My Pet Hooligans NFT is a great example of this latest trend. 


  • What Is My Pet Hooligan NFT?
  • What is The Rabbit Hole?
  • Where & How To Buy?

What is My Pet Hooligan NFT?

With a unique collection number of 8,888 and created by AMGI, My Pet Hooligan is one of the hotter NFT buys inMy Pet Hooligan (@mypethooligan) / Twitter early 2022. Publicly minted on 12/14 during the “downtime of NFTs”, these 3D characters are already Meta ready for their PvP & play-to-earn game. The 3D images are sharp, aesthetically pleasing, and have a variety of unique traits.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Hooligans are a collection of rebel Bunnies. After being forced to work for $karrots and bound to cages, they rebelled against the CEO of Zuck Corp, Metazuckbot — I wonder who they could be referring to here?

After the rebellion takeover, the bunnies freed themselves and became Hooligans. They split into seven factions with one mission: to disrupt Metazuckbot’s, Zuck Corp.

Not only will your Hooligan be packed with utility, but it will serve as your unique playable character in The Rabbit Hole.

What Is The Rabbit Hole?

My Pet Hooligan is a desktop PvP video game that will incorporate play-to-earn games within their eco-system. The game, which was built with Unreal Engine 5.0 (part of Epic Games), will take place in their Metaverse.

Check out the trailer below to see a sneak peek at in-game play and graphics.

In their play-to-earn game, Hooligans will riot, earn $karrots, and fight against Meta Zuck Bots to end the dreaded centralized Metaverse. The first objective of the game is to build a multiplayer beta game, which will be a giant Hooligan party. From there, they will develop further and lean heavily on community input and suggestions.

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$Karrots are their ERC-20 in-game currency used to power The Rabbit Hole game. Final details are in the works on how to reward and incentives, but an update is expected soon.

Where & How To Buy?

Mint was .08 back in December and sold out quickly. The secondary market is where you will have to purchase now. You can find their official OpenSea here.

As of press time, they are holding a current floor price of 1.32 ETH and have 5.2K unique holders. Unique holders are always a strong indicator for any NFT project. Typically, you like to see more unique holders and fewer “whale wallets” holding a bulk of the collection.

It’ll be interesting to see where these crazy Hooligans go from here.

Follow them on their Twitter and join their Discord for their latest news and announcements. Things should get interesting in The Rabbit Hole!

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